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Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction- Creation Mode Interface

(Aug 2020)

This is a clip of the game Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction, of which I removed the original soundtrack and replaced with my own soundtrack. It shows a player building a custom robot in the creation mode. This was one of my favourite games growing up as a child, so I wanted to put my own spin on the sound for this game. For this project, I recorded sounds for hard sound effects, background sound effects and design sound effects; performed and recorded Foley; designed the design sound effects and used 1 library sound. I edited and processed all audio, and then mixed the session. The audio was prepared in Pro Tools, and the video was edited in Shotcut.

Survival Shooter Demo Video (Interactive Audio)

(Sep 2017- Dec 2017)

This is a video demonstrating a game for the Interactive Audio module in trimester 1 of my 3rd year at university. The base game is called Survival Shooter and I created and implemented new audio for this pre-built game. This game involves a child having a nightmare in which he is being attacked by zombie versions of his cuddly toys. I wanted to use this game as it was an enjoyable and light-hearted game, with scope to have a little fun with the sounds. The tasks I performed for this piece were; performing and recording Foley and other sound effects, creating sounds using synthesis, recording vocalisations, and harnessing samples, which were then edited and processed to create the audio required. I also performed some basic C# scripting to implement the audio assets. I then mixed the game audio. The audio was prepared in Ardour, the game engine used was Unity, the audio was implemented using Wwise and the video was edited in Shotcut.

Game Showreel (Sound Design 1)

(Sep 2017- Dec 2017)

This is my showreel for the Sound Design 1 module in trimester 1 of my 3rd year at university. For this project I re-worked the sound for clips from various video games. These clips are from Aliens Vs Predator, Gears of War 4, Fallout 4, and Unreal Tournament 3. I selected these clips as these games are some of my favourites, so I thought it would be enjoyable to have my own interpretation of their soundtracks. For this project, I performed and recorded Foley, recorded other sound effects and vocalisations, created sounds using synthesis and employed library sounds. I also edited and processed the audio, then mixed the sessions. The audio was prepared in Pro Tools, and the video was edited in Shotcut.

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