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ASoundEffect Competition 2021 Entry

(Sep 2021)

I designed the sound for this clip as my entry for the 2021 iteration of the sound design competition on the website This is a short, animated clip. A collection of sound recordings was provided, and the brief required entrants to use only these sounds and manipulate them to fit our chosen aesthetic. My intention for the clip was to make the subject seem largely synthetic but give it a somewhat organic core. I designed repeating bass tones and ticks to try to create a satisfying sense of rhythm and movement. For this piece, I selected sounds from the sounds provided, edited them, and processed them in various ways. I also mixed all audio. The audio was prepared in Pro Tools.

Berlitz Advert

(Jul 2017- Aug 2017)

This was a piece of work I did outside of university, to further my Foley and sound design skills. It involved re-working the sound for a well-known Berlitz language television advert, into a radio advert-style format. I choose this as a project because I wanted to undertake a radio advert-style project for the first time, and it was an advert that was simple and very effective. I performed and recorded Foley, recorded other sound effects, performed one vocal, and recorded all vocals. I then edited and processed the audio and mixed the session. The audio was prepared in Ardour.

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