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Audio Obscura (Creative Computing)

(Sep 2018- Dec 2018)

Audio Obscura was an interactive artistic exhibit, made as a group project for the Creative Computing module in trimester 1 of my 4th year at university. This exhibit utilised varied hardware components, such as microphones, a webcam, a projector, and a guitar amplifier. It also used the following software: Logic Pro X and Max 7. Visitors could stand on a platform and their footsteps would be picked up by a contact microphone, their vocalisations by a condenser microphone and a video feed by a webcam. Their actions would influence the visual and auditory feedback the installation would provide. This was made as a metaphorical piece to reflect the negative influence of external factors, like other people, social media platforms and advertising, on perceptions of oneself and others. It also highlights the impact of ‘fake news’ on perceptions of people and the potentially destructive impact of your actions on other peoples’ lives, and vice versa. We tapped into the team’s knowledge of different audio technologies to create an experience that was unique to each user and varied in its methods of inputting information into the installation. For the installation I worked on the planning, concept, and parts of the documentation. I contributed to programming the applications using visual programming software and the setting up of the installation. I also made the website. The audio was prepared in Logic Pro X, the 3 applications were in made in Max 7, and the website was made using Wix.

Nightmare Sequence

(Jul 2017- Aug 2017)

This is an experimental piece I produced outside of college time. It is an abstract piece intended to portray common fears present in nightmares. This project was undertaken for primarily experimental reasons, and to improve my sound design abilities. I recorded sound effects, Foley, and vocals for this piece. Next, I edited and processed all audio and mixed the session. The audio was prepared in Ardour.

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